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We released this t-shirt to help raise money to replace stolen gear. We have managed to do this thanks to your support but still have stock remaining. Original post below.

Guys. Absolutely heartbroken to be writing this but basically, we have been robbed. Our van was broken in to and around £3,000 worth of gear has been taken including Seb's drum kit, Matt's pedalboard and Zach's amp heads. Please share this status to raise awareness of anybody trying to sell the list posted in the comments below.

We are trying to work with the police but we know of far too many cases where bands have been robbed and unable to recover their gear so we are producing a run of a one-off tee shirt to help raise funds to contribute to replacements. We have also included a link where you can donate extra PayPal if you decide to and we still have other stock at our mech store. EPD have big bills to pay over the coming months so this could not have come at a worse time, particularly a month before our appearances at Macmillan Fest and Fortfest.

Chest sizes
SOLD OUT OF S: 34-36"
M: 38-40"
L: 42-44"
XL: 46-48"

Black Heavy Gildan.